What is The Relationship Between Green Mountain Coffee and Keurig

Everyone deserves a great cup of coffee and with an array of brewer models and colors to suit various need, the Keurig system makes it easy to brew your favorite Green Mountain Coffee right at home. Keurig Green Mountain is a specialty coffee and the former coffeemaker company- Green Mountain Coffee Roasters produces best Keurig coffee makers. It even sources and sells coffee, tea and other beverages under various brands in portion packs for its Keurig brewing system and sells coffee beans & ground coffee in bags and fractional packs.

Green Mountain originally invested in Keurig back when they were a start-up company in the 90’s. They began as a small specialty coffee roaster store and after regional and national expansion, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters completed its acquisition of the brewing machine manufacturer Keurig, Inc. Green Mountain’s evolution over the scale of time to Keurig is quite like the human evolution which has shaped the human history and blooming up the present.

History of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR)

The inception of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Company began in 1981 when Bob Stiller discovered a cup of coffee so good that he sought out the source of the coffee. He along with his partner bought a two-thirds stake in the small specialty coffee roasting company in Vermont that produced the roasted beans. The store then began selling beans, grounds and coffee to the public and few restaurants.

At times when premium, specialty coffee was still rare, the owner dedicated himself to coffee roasting, exclusively using Arabica coffee beans. The Company grew over the years and later in the year 1986 Green Mountain introduced its first organic coffee. As the coffee taste changed, the sale of Green Mountain roasted coffee beans grew. The company expanded its retail locations, food- service distribution and wholesome business.

Keurig and the launch of K-Cups with Keurig Green Mountain

  • In 1993, three entrepreneurs from a Massachusetts start-up called Keurig approached GMCR about developing a single-cup coffee brewing system.
  • In 1997, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters became the first roaster to offer coffee in a K-Cup pod for the Keurig Single-Cup Brewing System.
  • In 1998, Keurig delivered its first brewing system which was designed for office use and later to build the best Keurig coffee makers. The launch of the first K-Cups with Green Mountain Coffee helped GMCR to allow people to brew their own single servings of premium coffee. This infographic shows the evolution of coffee in this era.
  • In 2006, GMCR acquired Keurig and in March 2014, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters changed their name to Keurig Green Mountain.

Acquisition of Keurig Inc

  • The successive acquisition allowed Green Mountain to adopt a multi- brand portfolio, with numerous opportunities for its consumers to try out individual brands by the cup.
  • Green Mountain also acquired the four additional Keurig licenses – Tully’s Coffee, Timothy’s World Coffee, Diedrich Coffee and Van Houtte.
  • Later in 2014, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters shareholders voted to change its name to Keurig Green Mountain to reflect its business of selling the best Keurig coffee machines.
  • Later, it launched the K-Mug pod, a recyclable pod which brews large travel mug- sized portions.

The conjoint of these two companies along with many partnerships and licensing helped it to expand its business worldwide and also made it in the top coffee brands in US. The product K-cup pods offer more than 400 different variable brands of coffee, tea and other beverages.

The Last Words

The vision of Green Mountain Coffee is to create exceptional coffee for everyone. They source the world’s best coffee, using only the top 10% coffee beans in the world in more than 50 distinct varieties of 100% Arabica coffee.

Finding the Best Brewing Machine through Coffee Maker Reviews

What do you understand by product reviews? And do you think you should trust everything that is in the review? A good product review should come from actual experiences and observations – not hearsay on what other people had said. In many cases this will be unfounded and the review becomes untrue. A review is also case to case because people may have different observations or opinions on a product. In the event of conflicting reviews, you have to check the credibility of the reviewer and also number of persons who concur on a particular observation.

When in search for your coffee machine, whatever style and brand it is, reading coffee maker reviews can be helpful. What you read may not be perfectly or hundred percent true to all situations. But, they can be a guideline for you to prevent buying an item that has a negative review. In the coffee maker reviews, you will be able to check on the brand and model that you have in mind. Would your choice be good value for money? Or – would it be right for your needs?

Where to find coffee maker reviews

You may wonder where to source your coffee maker reviews. With the advent of the internet, the best source of coffee maker reviews can be found online. Many product aficionados who are computer literates are on the habit of writing reviews and publishing them in the internet. As you read the review, you have to check on the honest ratings or feedbacks. From there you can gauge the quality of the review. You can still find a number of magazines and printed media that have pages for product reviews. You will also find in these some coffee maker reviews. And what is more trusting than a first-hand verbal review from a friend or relative?
coffee maker reviews


What to check in coffee maker reviews

When reading coffee maker reviews, there are specific qualities that you may need to pay attention to. Among these topics pertain to quality of the produced coffee, ease of use, size and space saving feature, brand, maintenance, durability and of course, you will want to know about the pricing. You always want to know the value for money of a particular product, much more on small kitchen appliances like the coffee maker.

There are different brands in the market and most popular are Keurig. Tassimo, Sunbean, Beville, Krups, Cuisiart and hundreds more are also popular. There are espresso machines, cappuccino makers. There are manual and automatic and there are the single cup and multiple cup coffee makers. The different machines will have differences in the category where they belong. You cannot gauge the performance of a one cup coffee maker in comparison to a multi cup espresso machine. They have their individual attributes and features. And depending on how much money you are willing to shell out, you will have different kinds in the market and the prices had really gone down.

Espresso coffee maker reviews

Espresso coffee is the most popular variant today. This is common the base of different coffee flavors, among them is the cappuccino. As these machines may be more expensive than the regular types, it is for your own good that you read espresso coffee maker reviews before you finally choose one. The DeLonghi brand of espresso coffee maker had gotten many favorable reviews. As you read reviews, you will find that there are good opinions on the performances of the Saeco and La Pavoni brands.
As you try to read more coffee maker reviews, you will come across reviews pertinent to drip coffee makers. These are actually the kinds that are most popular because of the affordable price while being easy to use and being capable to make good tasting coffee. This will not be the type of machine for espresso drinkers but they are for java coffee aficionados.

The Way to Make Coffee Using the French Press Coffee Maker

The French press coffee maker is a popular brewing machine in European and Australian countries. And the fever for this kind of coffee machine had infected Americans and coffee fanatics are crazy about this.
There are other different names associated to the French press coffee maker – coffee press, press pot, cafetiere and plunger pot. The French Press is how it is known to the Americans. This is just a very simple brewing device and the patent was in the name of Attilio Calimani.

What a French press coffee maker is

This was called French press coffee maker because it originated in France and that was in the 1800s. The original design was similar to the models of the present-day French press. This is a very different coffee brewing appliance and this is the machine used by people who are after a non-large drip coffee maker. This is a machine that makes a very small amount of coffee. However, this is designed to prepare coffee that has to be consumed immediately. A user of this should be aware that it is not advisable to leave a prepared coffee unconsumed for a longer time. Ten minutes is the only length of time given to you to finish drinking the coffee brewed from a French press coffee maker. When the coffee sits for a long time, it continues to extract. It you need coffee after the 10 minute allocated time, your coffee brewed from the French press should be decanted in a thermos.

Parts of a French press coffee maker

The French press coffee maker is designed with a simple cylindrical glass (sometimes hard plastic is used) carafe. It has a lid to which a plunging mechanism is attached. This plunger is constructed with a mesh filter which is made of nylon or wire which separates the coffee grounds and the water from each other. In the process of brewing, the coffee grounds will be found at the bottom while the liquid coffee remains above the mesh filter. The coffee is now ready to be poured.

Brewing method through the French press coffee maker

The French press coffee maker makes use of coarse grind because finer grounds can pass through the press filter into the coffee. When you brew the coffee, what you have to do is simply fill the carafe or cylindrical glass with water and add the exact amount of coffee. Stir this and let sit for a few minutes. Then after some minutes of brewing, the plunger is pressed down to the bottom of the glass or carafe. The coffee grounds will be trapped and held at the bottom.

You can use the French press coffee maker to brew any strength of coffee. However, allowing it to sit for a longer time will make the coffee bitter. This is the reason why coffee brewed in a French press coffee maker had to be consumed at once. Having been brewed, the coffee is poured to a cup from the carafe. You have to take note that coffee brewed from this kind of machine is basically stronger and thicker than coffee brewed from other kinds of coffee machines.…

Fresh Beans in Your Hot Drink When You Use a Grind and Brew Coffee Maker


If you are crazy with fresh coffee made in the confines of your homes, you will need a special kind of coffee machine – the grind a brew coffee maker. This coffee is fresh because the beans are ground and almost simultaneously brewed. What other kind of coffee maker can do this?

The grind and brew coffee maker is equipped with a built-in grinder. This is easy to use and is programmable so you are sure that using this you will not have a bad coffee.

The procedure of making this fresh coffee is very simple

• Grind the right amount of coffee beans.
• Put the right amount of water.
• Brew with the right temperature.
Because everything seems right, you surely can’t go wrong in the procedure. You will have great fresh coffee using the grind and brew coffee maker. There are different brands and models in the market. Although the selection is not as many as the other kinds of coffee makers, still you have some options.

How does grind and brew coffee maker differ from the regular machine?

A grind and brew coffee maker is a special kind of brewer because this is a machine that has a grinder. This accounts for its difference from other coffee making machines. This is also the main reason why this machine makes the freshest coffee. You will have to fill the water reservoir. The special beans are ground when the coffee maker is turned on and immediately, the heated water will drip through the ground beans. The fresh coffee is made and poured into the machine’s carafe.


Benefits of a grind and brew coffee maker

The grind and brew coffee maker is indeed more expensive than the other kinds of coffee machines. But buyers of this exceptional coffee maker have several advantages that make up for the high price.
The coffee is always fresh. The water will immediately drip to the newly grounded coffee beans which ensure that no flavor is lost in between the grinding and brewing process.
• This is a space-saver. The grinder and the brewer are in one machine.
• This is a non-messy machine. You will not have spilled beans when you prepare your coffee. There will be no scattered grounded beans on the counter top and you will not have messy paper filters. In short, your coffee making area will be very neat, orderly and clean.

Choosing a grind and brew coffee maker is opting for the kind of grinder

As you examine the grind and brew coffee maker that you intend to purchase, you will be indecisive on two classifications. One, you have to decide on the mode of operation. Should you go for the manual or the electrical grind and brew coffee maker? The second classification is on the kind of mechanism integrated in the coffee maker. The two choices are burr and blade.
On the first classification – operation
The manual is a very straightforward process. The grinder is manually operated which will then rotate against the plate. You have to supervise the manual operation. The electrical grinder on the other hand makes use of electric motor. You just plug your coffee maker, turn it on and the operation goes without personal assistance.

On the second classification – mechanism

The burr and blade are the choices for mechanism. The blade turns inside the bean container. The contact between the beans and the blade is at random and thus resulting to irregular shapes and sizes. This is in contrast to the burr grinding mechanism which is very refined and consistent. The burr is like a wheel that has a flat or cone shape. The beans go through uniform spaces thus the ground beans have almost the same sizes and shapes. The burr grinder is slower in speed.
The grind and brew coffee maker may be more expensive. The options for models are limited. However, if you find the right grind and brew coffee maker, you enjoy nothing but the freshest coffee.…

Glass versus Thermal Carafe – A Basis for Choosing Best Drip Coffee Maker

Many people can hardly survive without coffee. It is like a cigarette to a smoker. However, coffee is not as hazardous to health. In fact, there had been many studies on the positive effects of coffee on the health and wellness of a person. Today, there is a plethora of coffee makers. You have the French press, the grind and brew type, the Italian coffee maker and the drip coffee maker.

The drip brewing machine could be the most widespread in use. They are made with heaps of features that may determine their prices. And above all, they are loved because they satisfy the whims of coffee enthusiasts. With the wide array of selection, the choice of the best drip coffee maker often times become a matter of personal preference of the drinker or consumer.

So what should we know about the best drip coffee maker? From its name, you will understand how it works. There is hot water dripping on the coarsely ground coffee beans. The dripping hot water filters through the coffee beans and it settles on a pot. The hot water rests on the ground beans for longer time than other types of coffee makers. Consequently, the coffee contains more caffeine.

Best drip coffee maker – the automatic feature and its carafe

If you will try to make a survey of the coffee makers in residences, you will find that the best drip coffee maker is the most commonly used. For many years, this type of coffee maker had been rendering service to coffee drinkers and they have never dwindled in their popularity. The best drip coffee maker remains to be as popular as when it was launched in the coffee industry. Many developments could have been integrated such that the latest models may have more features. The advances in technology had also caused a shift in the manual operation into the automatic setting. And there was also a change on the way the carafes are sized, shaped and made.
The automatic function makes coffee preparation cool and easy. Switching on, the machine functions like a robot – programmed to make coffee for you. It should be the carafes that you should put attention to. This has an important function in the coffee making process. It keeps the coffee warm and it is the serving dish for the coffee. Thus, they are designed attractively for the serving purpose.


Glass carafe in best drip coffee maker

There are two common choices of carafe. You can choose the glass carafe for your best drip coffee maker. Actually the glass type of carafes was the first to come out with the automatic drip coffee maker. This is made of heavy duty glass. This is where the hot water will drip into as brewed coffee. The coffee that was made, when not consumed at once is kept warm by a warming plate where the glass carafe sits. The time in the carafe should not be too long because the continuous warming in the hot plate will make the coffee change its flavor. It will no longer be the fresh coffee that was made by the best drip coffee maker. The glass can also stain and although heat proof, the glass can be broken.

Thermal carafe in best drip coffee maker

Another kind of carafe that is in the market today is the thermal carafe. Like the glass pot, these are attractive for serving purpose and for keeping the coffee warm until consumed. As thermal in nature, the carafe can be taken off the hot plate and will remain hot or warm over a period of time. So the thermal carafe has one edge over the glass – it does not easily get cold. In contrast to the glass carafe, the thermal carafe does not easily break. Furthermore, coffee stains do not appear visibly on the pot. The carafes are interchangeable or detachable. This will enable you to change your pot. If the carafe of your existing drip coffee maker is glass material, you can now switch to the thermal carafe.…

Features of One Cup Coffee Makers – Basic and Extra

Where have granny’s percolator gone? In the past, this is how our grandmothers make good coffee. Do you remember the blue kettle with the contents boiling in the kitchen? With this method, you also smell the aroma of brewing coffee. These percolators are no longer used – they are just antique kitchen equipments. Sometimes though, you can still find these automatic drip coffee makers.

As there is nothing wrong in it, you will still find some of our elderly using this machine. They are still able to make excellent coffee through these equipments. But there was a real big leap from these old percolators to the one cup coffee makers that are commonly used today. You no longer find the bubbling coffee in a pot. Those days are over. You now see the high technology one cup coffee makers – coffee brewing on its own in the highly sophisticated coffee machine.

There arose a tremendous popularity in the single or one cup coffee makers. In offices and in the kitchens at home, you see them in one corner in the kitchen top. What makes this coffee machine tick? Perhaps the appeal comes from the fancy mugs or coffee containers that go with this machine. On second thought, the attraction can be on the marvelous brewing process. Some people believe that they produce better tasting and high quality coffee.
And the desire for one cup coffee makers continued like a plague. It was so infectious that an American kitchen without it is missing on some important machine. As you window shop for possible one cup coffee makers, you think of the features that will be commensurate to the price and your budgeted amount. What will be the good choice of coffee brewer?


Basic features to look for in one cup coffee makers

There are basic features that you will look for in coffee makers. First is the size. How many cups do you need per serving? You can purchase a machine that will allow you to choose the amount of brewed coffee. You will have the multiple serving sizes. The usual number is two cups but you can find a bigger capacity model with three or four. When you set in the higher capacity, you get a larger serving.
A second feature that you might want in your coffee machine is the automatic timer. The time for the machine to go on and off is set such that your water will be ready anytime you need your coffee. It saves electricity because the machine is automatically turned off when not in use.

Extra features you may find in some models of one cup coffee makers

There are features that are integrated in some models; this means that there are features that are specific to some makes.
• One is the adjustable control for the temperature. This has a setting for specific desired temperature. So – the user can set the heat up or down.
• You can opt for one cup coffeemakers that have large reservoir. This will hold more water for your coffee making task.
• There are styles that can be linked to the water pipes to allow continuous supply of water from the tap to the machine.
• Waste disposal feature may not be necessary but this is also a commendable feature. With this, the used pod is automatically disposed into the waste receptacle. This takes one task off your shoulder.
• You will find some coffee makers that are equipped with reusable filters. This will allow you to personalize your desired coffee flavor.

One cup coffee makers and availability of supplies

Once you have decided on the model of one cup coffee makers, you will have to discern the availability of the supplies necessary in operating your machine. These are the pods, K-cups or coffee sources which when unavailable will make the machine unserviceable. There are online shops that sell the difficult-to-find supplies.
One cup coffee makers may be simple machines which are easy to operate. But then, the operation can even be simpler and more functional if you choose a model that suits your needs. There are nice features but are not necessary. So, this will only make the cost of the machine higher. At the end of the day, your individual preference will prevail and you will purchase those that have both the basic and optional features.…