Features of One Cup Coffee Makers – Basic and Extra

Where have granny’s percolator gone? In the past, this is how our grandmothers make good coffee. Do you remember the blue kettle with the contents boiling in the kitchen? With this method, you also smell the aroma of brewing coffee. These percolators are no longer used – they are just antique kitchen equipments. Sometimes though, you can still find these automatic drip coffee makers.

As there is nothing wrong in it, you will still find some of our elderly using this machine. They are still able to make excellent coffee through these equipments. But there was a real big leap from these old percolators to the one cup coffee makers that are commonly used today. You no longer find the bubbling coffee in a pot. Those days are over. You now see the high technology one cup coffee makers – coffee brewing on its own in the highly sophisticated coffee machine.

There arose a tremendous popularity in the single or one cup coffee makers. In offices and in the kitchens at home, you see them in one corner in the kitchen top. What makes this coffee machine tick? Perhaps the appeal comes from the fancy mugs or coffee containers that go with this machine. On second thought, the attraction can be on the marvelous brewing process. Some people believe that they produce better tasting and high quality coffee.
And the desire for one cup coffee makers continued like a plague. It was so infectious that an American kitchen without it is missing on some important machine. As you window shop for possible one cup coffee makers, you think of the features that will be commensurate to the price and your budgeted amount. What will be the good choice of coffee brewer?


Basic features to look for in one cup coffee makers

There are basic features that you will look for in coffee makers. First is the size. How many cups do you need per serving? You can purchase a machine that will allow you to choose the amount of brewed coffee. You will have the multiple serving sizes. The usual number is two cups but you can find a bigger capacity model with three or four. When you set in the higher capacity, you get a larger serving.
A second feature that you might want in your coffee machine is the automatic timer. The time for the machine to go on and off is set such that your water will be ready anytime you need your coffee. It saves electricity because the machine is automatically turned off when not in use.

Extra features you may find in some models of one cup coffee makers

There are features that are integrated in some models; this means that there are features that are specific to some makes.
• One is the adjustable control for the temperature. This has a setting for specific desired temperature. So – the user can set the heat up or down.
• You can opt for one cup coffeemakers that have large reservoir. This will hold more water for your coffee making task.
• There are styles that can be linked to the water pipes to allow continuous supply of water from the tap to the machine.
• Waste disposal feature may not be necessary but this is also a commendable feature. With this, the used pod is automatically disposed into the waste receptacle. This takes one task off your shoulder.
• You will find some coffee makers that are equipped with reusable filters. This will allow you to personalize your desired coffee flavor.

One cup coffee makers and availability of supplies

Once you have decided on the model of one cup coffee makers, you will have to discern the availability of the supplies necessary in operating your machine. These are the pods, K-cups or coffee sources which when unavailable will make the machine unserviceable. There are online shops that sell the difficult-to-find supplies.
One cup coffee makers may be simple machines which are easy to operate. But then, the operation can even be simpler and more functional if you choose a model that suits your needs. There are nice features but are not necessary. So, this will only make the cost of the machine higher. At the end of the day, your individual preference will prevail and you will purchase those that have both the basic and optional features.