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Glass versus Thermal Carafe – A Basis for Choosing Best Drip Coffee Maker

Many people can hardly survive without coffee. It is like a cigarette to a smoker. However, coffee is not as hazardous to health. In fact, there had been many studies on the positive effects of coffee on the health and wellness of a person. Today, there is a plethora of coffee makers. You have the French press, the grind and brew type, the Italian coffee maker and the drip coffee maker.

The drip brewing machine could be the most widespread in use. They are made with heaps of features that may determine their prices. And above all, they are loved because they satisfy the whims of coffee enthusiasts. With the wide array of selection, the choice of the best drip coffee maker often times become a matter of personal preference of the drinker or consumer.

So what should we know about the best drip coffee maker? From its name, you will understand how it works. There is hot water dripping on the coarsely ground coffee beans. The dripping hot water filters through the coffee beans and it settles on a pot. The hot water rests on the ground beans for longer time than other types of coffee makers. Consequently, the coffee contains more caffeine.

Best drip coffee maker – the automatic feature and its carafe

If you will try to make a survey of the coffee makers in residences, you will find that the best drip coffee maker is the most commonly used. For many years, this type of coffee maker had been rendering service to coffee drinkers and they have never dwindled in their popularity. The best drip coffee maker remains to be as popular as when it was launched in the coffee industry. Many developments could have been integrated such that the latest models may have more features. The advances in technology had also caused a shift in the manual operation into the automatic setting. And there was also a change on the way the carafes are sized, shaped and made.
The automatic function makes coffee preparation cool and easy. Switching on, the machine functions like a robot – programmed to make coffee for you. It should be the carafes that you should put attention to. This has an important function in the coffee making process. It keeps the coffee warm and it is the serving dish for the coffee. Thus, they are designed attractively for the serving purpose.


Glass carafe in best drip coffee maker

There are two common choices of carafe. You can choose the glass carafe for your best drip coffee maker. Actually the glass type of carafes was the first to come out with the automatic drip coffee maker. This is made of heavy duty glass. This is where the hot water will drip into as brewed coffee. The coffee that was made, when not consumed at once is kept warm by a warming plate where the glass carafe sits. The time in the carafe should not be too long because the continuous warming in the hot plate will make the coffee change its flavor. It will no longer be the fresh coffee that was made by the best drip coffee maker. The glass can also stain and although heat proof, the glass can be broken.

Thermal carafe in best drip coffee maker

Another kind of carafe that is in the market today is the thermal carafe. Like the glass pot, these are attractive for serving purpose and for keeping the coffee warm until consumed. As thermal in nature, the carafe can be taken off the hot plate and will remain hot or warm over a period of time. So the thermal carafe has one edge over the glass – it does not easily get cold. In contrast to the glass carafe, the thermal carafe does not easily break. Furthermore, coffee stains do not appear visibly on the pot. The carafes are interchangeable or detachable. This will enable you to change your pot. If the carafe of your existing drip coffee maker is glass material, you can now switch to the thermal carafe.