The Way to Make Coffee Using the French Press Coffee Maker

The French press coffee maker is a popular brewing machine in European and Australian countries. And the fever for this kind of coffee machine had infected Americans and coffee fanatics are crazy about this.
There are other different names associated to the French press coffee maker – coffee press, press pot, cafetiere and plunger pot. The French Press is how it is known to the Americans. This is just a very simple brewing device and the patent was in the name of Attilio Calimani.

What a French press coffee maker is

This was called French press coffee maker because it originated in France and that was in the 1800s. The original design was similar to the models of the present-day French press. This is a very different coffee brewing appliance and this is the machine used by people who are after a non-large drip coffee maker. This is a machine that makes a very small amount of coffee. However, this is designed to prepare coffee that has to be consumed immediately. A user of this should be aware that it is not advisable to leave a prepared coffee unconsumed for a longer time. Ten minutes is the only length of time given to you to finish drinking the coffee brewed from a French press coffee maker. When the coffee sits for a long time, it continues to extract. It you need coffee after the 10 minute allocated time, your coffee brewed from the French press should be decanted in a thermos.

Parts of a French press coffee maker

The French press coffee maker is designed with a simple cylindrical glass (sometimes hard plastic is used) carafe. It has a lid to which a plunging mechanism is attached. This plunger is constructed with a mesh filter which is made of nylon or wire which separates the coffee grounds and the water from each other. In the process of brewing, the coffee grounds will be found at the bottom while the liquid coffee remains above the mesh filter. The coffee is now ready to be poured.

Brewing method through the French press coffee maker

The French press coffee maker makes use of coarse grind because finer grounds can pass through the press filter into the coffee. When you brew the coffee, what you have to do is simply fill the carafe or cylindrical glass with water and add the exact amount of coffee. Stir this and let sit for a few minutes. Then after some minutes of brewing, the plunger is pressed down to the bottom of the glass or carafe. The coffee grounds will be trapped and held at the bottom.

You can use the French press coffee maker to brew any strength of coffee. However, allowing it to sit for a longer time will make the coffee bitter. This is the reason why coffee brewed in a French press coffee maker had to be consumed at once. Having been brewed, the coffee is poured to a cup from the carafe. You have to take note that coffee brewed from this kind of machine is basically stronger and thicker than coffee brewed from other kinds of coffee machines.…